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STOOP CHATTER: What You Need To Know Today


371 Days Of Pumping: One NY Mom’s Story Of What Happens When Breastfeeding Just Isn’t Working

I’m now something of an expert in the art of pumping. I’ve done it everywhere. On planes and trains, in airports and restaurants, at dinner parties, and even once in an electrical closet surrounded by rat traps. My favorite has to be when I was travelling to Pennsylvania by train and a delay plus broken outlets in the bathrooms meant I had no choice but to pump in the concourse of Philadelphia station.


6 Easter Activities For The Kids This Weekend (And You Don’t Even Have To Leave Brooklyn)

Egg spotting (Faberge-style)It’s not too late to join Faberge’s big egg hunt, which has scattered 260 eggs – designed by big name artists including Tracey Emin, Zaha Hadid and Jeff Koons – all around the city. This year there’s even an app to help you ‘collect’ them all. Head to Jane’s Carousel in Dumbo for plenty of guaranteed egg-spots.


Stoop Chatter: What You Need To Know Today


Toy Story: How One Photographer Captured Kids Around The World With Their Favorite Playthings

When it comes to toys, our little ones are totally spoilt for choice. From futuristic vapor blasters at Brooklyn Superhero Supply and hand-sewn Waldorf dolls from Acorn to trendy Goldieblox sets via Willy’s Toy Box. But what would your kids pick out as their absolute favorites toys, and how do they compare with others around the world?


Stoop Chatter: What You Need To Know Today

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Why I Wanted To Be The Miranda Kerr Of Moms (But Realized It Ain’t Gonna Happen!)

Before I became a mum, I convinced myself that I WOULD be the Miranda Kerr of mothers. I would be well dressed and bouncy and amazing at all times. I would not leave the house in my PJ’s or covered in baby vomit and without a scrap of make up. My hair would always be washed, and I would lose, quite by accident, those 40-odd pounds I’d piled on. Because, well, if Miranda can do it can’t we all? Oh and I would also live a beautiful, organized house where healthy meals would be on the table each night for me and my adoring husband…


Cute Nursery Alert! We Love This Artistic Williamsburg Makeover

The floor-to-ceiling library rails, the garland-decked zebra head, the zingy bright art work; we had serious nursery envy when we saw little Charlie’s mood-lifting space. His parents Sarah (Hair Stylist) and Matt (Painter and Creative Executive) wanted to fashion out a space that felt “optimistic and fresh” for Charlie in their top-floor Williamsburg apartment.

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