Snow Alert! 8 Things You Need To Know About Dressing Little Ones For Winter

With temperatures set to nose dive this week and weather experts predicting a big freeze for NY during January and February, we decided it was time to geek-up on the art of keeping little ones warm in the cold. We caught up with Caribou Baby founder and mom-of-two Adriane Stare (who’s about to tick of her 10th Brooklyn winter). This is her insider on keeping little tykes snug in the snow.

The $115 investment piece baby-wearing moms swear by
The Hatch Things Cold Snap is a down-filled panel that clips into any jacket, regardless of zipper type or length. This means you can share it with your partner and create and instant cocoon for your little person. Prices from $115.

The ideal fabric for staying snug
Wool thermal layers. They are warm, soft and stretchy and both my kids wear them all winter long. They sleep in them at night as jammies and throw clothes on over them in the morning for daytime layers. They are dirt-resistant, water-repellent, and all-around the best investment you can make in cold weather gear for the season. Prices from $25.

The stay-on mitts
Look for mittens which have long, sock-like arms that keep them in place, (even when little hands try to tug them off). They’re pretty much the only type we sell at Caribou Baby. Prices from $33.

The over-bundling mistake lots of parents make
I see lots of parents bundling up babies in super-warm buntings then putting them in a carrier that’s worn under a coat. But remember: babies only need one more layer of clothing than an adult would normally wear, plus good accessories to cover any exposed extremities (they find it hard to regulate their heat so can easily get too hot). PS here’s a shot of me baby wearing my littlest Loren in the cold!

The cleverest baby boots
I love Stonz Booties from Canada which are snow and rain proof and can slip over your toddlers shoes or slippers; making instantly waterproof boots that they’re able to walk or be outside in! They also have a fleecey lining that you can insert additionally if you want a snow boot. Prices from $39.

Best winter brand
A little-known German company called Disana. They make some of the highest quality woolens I’ve seen. From boiled wool buntings to mittens, hats, sleep sacks and diaper covers, their clothing seems to last longer and keep you warmer than all the rest. Also, I love that they use all-natural fibers, as opposed to the polyester mixes that we’ve become so used to. Prices from $36.

The genius coat
The M Coat is a super-warm, Canadian-made down coat that’s not only stylish and flattering, but has an smart, simple zip-in panel that accommodates a baby bump, a baby in a carrier or can be zipped closed completely with no baby at all. It’s worth every penny. Prices from $385.

My best no $$$ tip
Just take an old pair of wool socks that you’ve been meaning to get rid of, snip off the foot at the ankle and voila: instant toddler legwarmers! As an added plus, they are ideal for keeping little legs warm when pants ride up during baby wearing.

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  1. amber
    February 7, 2014 at 2:44 pm (4 years ago)

    seriously when will the snow end. i love these tips – can we have some for moms who don’t baby carry though – my LO is waaaaay to big i’m not taking him any wear unless i have wheels. AG


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