7 Hilariously Awkward Family Holiday Cards

Inspired by Mena Suvari’s cat-centric Christmas portrait (which the star posted on Twitter this week), and imagining you may need a bit of artistic direction if you’re still planning to take your own, here are some of our favorite holiday cards.

Courtesy of awkwardfamilyphotos.

Wouldn’t it be fun to dress up as pigs in tutus while pulling mom on a sleigh? Oh wait it just looks crazy

Like the Kardashians, this family opted for matching white tops and jeans but ditched Malibu beach in favor of empty gift boxes

He sees you when you’re sleeping…and when you’re awake *help me!*

Gold star pulls the short straw again

Just make sure you don’t send one to PETA

This is what a PJ monster must look like

Angel wins the “who looks most awkward” prize but it was close

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