Gifting SOS Day One: Five Brilliant Presents For The One And Under Set

Yikes! Christmas is two weeks away and if you’re anything like us, you’re still in a decision no-man’s-land when it comes to a few yet-to-be-bought gifts. But before you succumb to the easy allure of Amazon, we wanted to remind you that there’s a Santa’s workshop of fantastic, quirky and inspired pressies to be found in Brooklyn’s toy stores (there are almost 100 in our nabe according to the folks at yelp.) So with that in mind, we’ll be asking the owners of our favorite local stores to name their hands-down best gifts for a different age group every day as we count down to Christmas.

Kicking of day one of GIFT SOS is Shelley Kramer, mom-of-two and owner of Play Kids, the brilliant Prospect–Lefferts Gardens toy store that recently snagged this covetable award.

The best cuddly for a babe
I love the Wee Gallery Sea Horse ($18.95). Each one is hand-made in South India (using fair-trade practices) and uses high contrast fabrics to attract the attention of even the youngest babe.

The gift that keeps on giving
The ultimate investment has to be the Mini Micro 3-in-1 scooter ($114.99), from Kickboard USA. It starts as the perfect ride-on toy for a one-year-old just figuring how to get around, and transforms – thanks to a movable seat and t-bars – once they’re ready for a straightforward scooter that’ll last them until they’re five.

The most parent-pleasing toy
The smart design of the Kid O Car ($13) makes it stand out from its competitors as well as a dream gift for the babes of parents attempting to fend off kiddy clutter. It also has an easy-grip handle, which makes it perfect for the crawler on the go.

The under-the-radar gem
Please ignore the awful packaging of the Smart Frames Animal Runners Zebra ($14.00). It’s actually beautiful and unique. The wire bead maze is ideal for the 6-month plus infant figuring out what exactly their fingers can do and it’s solid wood construction can withstand the wildest of infants.

The surefire hit
I wrap up the O Ball Rattle ($7.99), along with a wooden Haba Toy and stack of books for every baby shower we’re invited to. This ball was an all time favorite of our son, William. It’s lightweight & indestructible. What’s not to love?!

Play Kids, 676 Flatbush Ave., nr. Hawthorne St., Prospect–Lefferts Gardens; 347-715-9347;

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