Our Baby Sleeps In The Hallway! One NY Couple’s Stylish Way To Fit Their Family Inside A One-Bedroom Apartment

With its toy-laden shelves, full-size crib and row upon row of color coordinated books, it’s hard to believe that baby Holly’s room was once part of a hallway. This clever reworking of a tight space came about because Holly’s parents, Craig, an art director and his wife Lisa, a marketing executive, couldn’t afford the cost of up-sizing to a two-bed in their Brooklyn neighborhood – where apartments that size average almost $4000 a month.

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Why I Wanted To Be The Miranda Kerr Of Moms (But Realized It Ain’t Gonna Happen!)

Before I became a mum, I convinced myself that I WOULD be the Miranda Kerr of mothers. I would be well dressed and bouncy and amazing at all times. I would not leave the house in my PJ’s or covered in baby vomit and without a scrap of make up. My hair would always be washed, and I would lose, quite by accident, those 40-odd pounds I’d piled on. Because, well, if Miranda can do it can’t we all? Oh and I would also live a beautiful, organized house where healthy meals would be on the table each night for me and my adoring husband…

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The Five Of The Most OMG Trends From New York (Kids) Fashion Weekend

New York Fashion Week’s mini upstart is petitePARADE; a biannual weekend of shows dedicated to kid’s fashion that’s just notched up its sixth season. Guests squeezed into a cozy warehouse space in Chelsea to scoff Press Tea pastries and spy the latest collections from CCandyIMOGAAlivia SimoneMischka Aoki and Bonnie Young. This is basically were the Suri’s and North West’s of the world (or their stylists) get their next season inspiration – we spotted P Diddy’s daughter, Chance Combs strutting down the catwalk. Here’s a rundown of the looks that caught our eye.

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Five NY Kids Labels That We’re Obsessed With (And The One Website Where You Can Buy Them All)

Given NYC’s capital-of-fashion status it’s little wonder that we’re swamped with covetable kids labels. From designers up-cycling mens shirts into sweet summer dresses and Kickstarter-funded ‘Dope’ tees to these adorable wood and pastel beaded accessories – there’s so much to choose from, we say, why buy anywhere else? Which is why we love the ethos behind new online retailer Fantaserini, which launched last October and will focus on NY-based children’s designers. There are 17 so far, but they have plans to expand in 2014 with knitwear from Misha & Puff and Lucky Fish’s ultra comfy hand silk screened t-shirts as well as more one-off collaborations like these limited edition stripy merino leg warmers.


The Couple Who’ll Let You Name Their Unborn Baby (But It’ll Cost You $20,000)

Just 12 days after celebrating the birth of her daughter Kylie (above), Heather discovered she would never be able to conceive another child when a hemorrhage led to her being rushed into ER. “Blood flowed out of me like a faucet,” recalls Heather. “I remember shifting in and out of consciousness and a firefighter standing in front of me with a blank look on his face and muttering the words to effect of ‘holy crap’. My parents had arrived while I was being wheeled out. I remember telling them I loved them and saying good-bye to Kylie. I thought this was the last time she’d see her mother alive.”


Tom’s World: One Mother’s Story Of Having A Son With Aspergers

One night, when putting Tom to bed, I told him that he was the best boy in the world and if I could have picked any baby from all the millions and billions in the world, I’d definitely have picked him. He replied to say, ‘But Mommy! It doesn’t work like that! The babies choose the family. When I was in the other world, I had goggles on and I looked down at all the families and I looked at their names and surnames. When I saw you, my goggles froze.


30 Gorgeous Prints That Are Perfect For A Kids Bedroom (PS. You Can Buy Them All Online Now)

My rule for finding art to deck out a kids room is that you should love it so much that you’d happily put it elsewhere in your home; after all when they hit their teens it’ll probably be given right back to you to make room for One Direction posters anyway. As our picks below prove, there are reams of stunning prints that skirt the line between kids and grown ups. PS Did you know it’s a proven theory that looking at art makes you smarter? What better excuse do we need to go shopping…

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