The Cutest Baby Shower Idea Ever (And It Doesn’t Cost A Bomb)

Martha arrived in July and I knew I wanted to throw some sort of party-meets-baby-shower. I love the concept behind a Christening but I’m Jewish and my husband is Muslim so, well, that was never going to fly! And I’ve yet to find an official tradition for a half-Jewish half-Muslim baby’s arrival. So I decided to come up with my own version: A Promise to Martha.


Just Two Hours Away And $250 A Night…The Perfect NY Family Bolthole

Trips upstate are as much a part of Brooklyn winters as sledging in Prospect Park and snowy afternoons inside The Chocolate Room. With gems like Cold Spring, Hudson and Woodstock, a manageable under-three-hour-drive away and reams of dreamy cabins for rent, we don’t need much excuse to go north.

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