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How To Host An Arty Kids Birthday

Long-time pals and fellow Park Slope moms, Julia Austen-Brown and Melissa Vaughan (who live just two blocks away from each other and both have two kids a piece,) hit on the idea of doing a pop up craft pow-wows in people’s homes when they realized that, well, no one else was doing it.

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371 Days Of Pumping: One NY Mom’s Story Of What Happens When Breastfeeding Just Isn’t Working

I’m now something of an expert in the art of pumping. I’ve done it everywhere. On planes and trains, in airports and restaurants, at dinner parties, and even once in an electrical closet surrounded by rat traps. My favorite has to be when I was travelling to Pennsylvania by train and a delay plus broken outlets in the bathrooms meant I had no choice but to pump in the concourse of Philadelphia station.

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Why I Wanted To Be The Miranda Kerr Of Moms (But Realized It Ain’t Gonna Happen!)

Before I became a mum, I convinced myself that I WOULD be the Miranda Kerr of mothers. I would be well dressed and bouncy and amazing at all times. I would not leave the house in my PJ’s or covered in baby vomit and without a scrap of make up. My hair would always be washed, and I would lose, quite by accident, those 40-odd pounds I’d piled on. Because, well, if Miranda can do it can’t we all? Oh and I would also live a beautiful, organized house where healthy meals would be on the table each night for me and my adoring husband…

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Cute Nursery Alert! We Love This Artistic New York Makeover

The floor-to-ceiling library rails, the garland-decked zebra head, the zingy bright art work; we had serious nursery envy when we saw little Charlie’s mood-lifting space. His parents Sarah (Hair Stylist) and Matt (Painter and Creative Executive) wanted to fashion out a space that felt “optimistic and fresh” for Charlie in their top-floor Williamsburg apartment.


How To Raise A Toddler (The French Way)

I’m a mom to a willful, lovely, stubborn, adorable and very opinionated toddler called Aiden (that’s a shot of us both above.) He’s 17-months-old and decided a few weeks ago that he only wanted to eat one item of food a day. That means an entire day of nothing but chicken tortellini, or yogurt or blueberry waffles (only Earth’s Best ones mind, he’s particular.) I knew needed to do something before my little boy became my little monster.

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This Woman Wants To Give 1 Million Moms A Mojo Makeover

I’m sitting on the swirly carpet of Frolic!, Williamsburg’s $1000-a-year ultra trendy kids club, with 15 other moms. But I’m not talking play dates or toddler meals because it’s a Thursday night and sexpert Dana B. Myers has taken over. The lights are dimmed, I’m propped beside the child-sized Schoenhut piano with a huge glass of white wine, and I’m listening to a foxy male model (trussed-up in David Beckham underwear) read to us from a book of saucy erotica.


How To Take Wall-Worthy Pictures Of Your Little Ones

It was the birth of her little girl, Mia (now aged 6, and about as photogenic as they come) that inspired fashion photographer Essie Graham to sideline into kid’s portraiture. “I began to chronicle her life and it just snowballed from there,” says Bushwick-based Essie, who now has more than a hundred Brooklyn-based clients.

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