This Man Thinks Your Child Could Be The Next Mark Zuckerberg

Meet Reuben Steiger. He’s a charismatic, smartly suited, archetypal silver fox. And he happens to think your little one might just be the next A-list entrepreneur; a budding Bill Gates, the next generation Tory Burch or perhaps Mark Cuban in training. Steiger – who’s a serial entrepreneur himself (Linden Lab, Millions of Us and Virtual Greats all lay in his wake) – is the founder of 8 And Up, an educational program designed to change the way kids think about their own potential. The concept is simple: armed with a $50 budget, children meet over the course of six weeks and by the end, they have a product they invented that they sell.



30 Gorgeous Prints That Are Perfect For A Kids Bedroom (PS. You Can Buy Them All Online Now)

My rule for finding art to deck out a kids room is that you should love it so much that you’d happily put it elsewhere in your home; after all when they hit their teens it’ll probably be given right back to you to make room for One Direction posters anyway. As our picks below prove, there are reams of stunning prints that skirt the line between kids and grown ups. PS Did you know it’s a proven theory that looking at art makes you smarter? What better excuse do we need to go shopping…


Big Mother Is Watching You: How Parents Are Turning To Sophisticated Robots To Track Their Kids

GPS parenting is on the rise. But is it any wonder? Just days after missing autistic teen Avonte Oquendo was laid to rest, we hear reports of a 4-year-old walking home from a Bed Stuy school undetected. The idea of our children going missing or falling seriously sick when we are out of sight is obviously a disaster scenario no parent wants to contemplate. But increasingly smart gadgetry is on hand to help parents keep tabs on their children (it’s now a booming industry is now worth $10 billion.) Here’s our sneak preview of 2014’s most family-focused devices.

baby model

Behind The Scenes: Being A Baby Model In NYC (Plus The Do’s And Don’ts You Need To Know)

Like every mother, I think my baby girl is beautiful. But I’ve never considered baby modeling until a friend forwards me an email; Pampers are looking for a brunette mother and newborn baby of Caucasian persuasion. Tick, tick and tick. I am suddenly intrigued. I email over a quick note plus some photos to the agent and am invited to a casting at a studio in Chelsea the very next day. Delphine is just 12-weeks-old so I’m still pretty neighborhood-bound. But baby stardom beckons so we Ergo-up and catch the subway from Park Slope to the city.


Will Any Of Brooklyn’s Michelin-Starred Restaurants Let A Baby In?

When chef Grant Achatz grumbled via Twitter about a couple totting their 8-month-old babe to his triple Michelin-starred restaurant Alinea, it set off a heated debate. (His exact words were “Tbl brings 8mo.Old. It cries. Diners mad. Tell ppl no kids? Subject diners 2crying? Ppl take infants 2 plays? Concerts? Hate saying no, but..”) In their defense the couple had been let down last-minute by their sitter. But you can imagine their mortified faces as they tried to calm a wailing child, avoid the glares of other diners and tuck into a black truffle “explosion” of romaine and parmesan and try and enjoy it. Not so fun.


The Dinner That ALL Kids Love: Our Favorite Food Blogger On The Meal That’s Never Got A Thumbs Down

So, I’m pretty lazy when it comes to devising kids meals, reason being I’ve got far from perfect eating habits myself. I’m a croissant-for-breakfast type of gal, have a once-a-week mac n’ cheese habit and (aggghh!) there’s an ice cream store underneath our apartment (FYI they hand-make their own waffle cones which are amazing.) Anyway […]


8 Of The Most Heartwarming Family Stories Of 2013

Whewww it’s been a busy 2013 for celebrity parents. There was the brouhaha over the arrival of Prince George (plus the ups and downs of that royal tummy), über momma Angelina announcing her double mastectomy via the New York Times and lil’ North West’s fake photo debacle. But away from the pages of Us Weekly some gobsmacking, life-affirming and down right […]


Gift SOS: Five Kick-Ass Pressies For Five-Year-Olds

With Christmas less than a week away (huzzah!) we caught up with Courtney Ebner and Avi Kravitz, owners of Norman & Jules in Park Slope. Their obsession with rooting out the most vibrant, creative and inspired artisanal toys from around the world (plus a sharp design eye) means you won’t find any ordinary Toys R Us […]

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