The Cutest Baby Shower Idea Ever (And It Doesn’t Cost A Bomb)

Martha arrived in July and I knew I wanted to throw some sort of party-meets-baby-shower. I love the concept behind a Christening but I’m Jewish and my husband is Muslim so, well, that was never going to fly! And I’ve yet to find an official tradition for a half-Jewish half-Muslim baby’s arrival. So I decided to come up with my own version: A Promise to Martha.


Just Two Hours Away And $250 A Night…The Perfect NY Family Bolthole

Trips upstate are as much a part of Brooklyn winters as sledging in Prospect Park and snowy afternoons inside The Chocolate Room. With gems like Cold Spring, Hudson and Woodstock, a manageable under-three-hour-drive away and reams of dreamy cabins for rent, we don’t need much excuse to go north.


Breastmilk Movie Hits The Big Screen (And Reveals Why Only 1 in 5 Of Us Make It To The Year Mark)

December marks some major milestones in our clan. It’s Maddie’s first Christmas and if all goes to plan, we’ll have exclusively breastfed for six months. It’s been no easy feat (despite the fact that I didn’t get lumbered with the likes of latch problems, over-supply or formula-pushing doctors like most of my fellow moms). But even when […]

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